A modern, modular EPR

Making the right thing to do the easiest thing to do

Alcidion provides hospitals and integrated care systems with a modern, modular electronic patient record. Miya Precision orchestrates IT systems across health and care to create a rich data layer that is exposed to our smart technology and any applications our customers need.

Much more than a static record, we deploy the right solutions quickly to create rapid clinical impact and fulfil digital roadmaps. Clinical decision support sits at the heart of what we do, automating intelligently to alleviate pressures. 

Healthcare organisations, including digital aspirants, can partner with Alcidion to advance digitalisation, unlock value from existing investments and rapidly deliver technology that clinicians want.

Building the EPR that’s right for the organisation and its clinical professionals

More than an EPR

clinically focussed standalone modules

Alcidion can deploy a full modern, modular EPR but many hospitals also draw on us for specific capabilities that deliver rapid impact for smart communications, observations, and patient flow.

We help you to address your challenges through our capabilities.

Patient Flow

Help healthcare professionals to manage the flow of patients within hospitals and beyond with technology trusted in the NHS. 

Electronic observations

Alert staff to patients at risk of deterioration, and remove manual vital signs capture through e-observations with proven NHS technology. 

Clinical communications and task management

Replace pagers with integrated smart and secure communication and task management.

Patient administration system

Deploy a comprehensive patient administration system developed specifically for the NHS.

An Orchestration and Intelligence Layer

Integrated care systems are looking to Miya Precision as a region wide, smart orchestration layer. We can use our underpinning platform to create intelligence rich and digitally cohesive pathways that deliver for multi-disciplinary teams, their patients and users. ICSs can use Alcidion to

address your digital priorities today